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Laser Labs

Welcome to IMI.We Sell High Quality Laser Systems used for Laser Display and Laser Lightshow at Affordable prices. We also carry the First portable GEP-III handheld Laser Module at up to 350mW!!

Welcome to Ictus Manufacturing Industries

We sell the highest portable powered lasers available exclusively on our site.

We offer 3 high powered Green lasers

We currently have three different types of models

All of our lasers are cw not pulsed, the only benefit of a pulsed laser is extended battery life.

All of our Lasers are imported from high quality manufacturers. All of our lasers are unique and will not be found anywhere else.

These units are Custom built with Extreme Power, You cannot find any laser more powerful than ours.

Our tests have shown that these lasers shine well past 10km. Our High powered GEP's will shine to 20km and more. Our lasers exclusively offer a Instantly Visible Bright Green Beam that can be seen for miles. Our lasers have a solid construction tube and  built to last with industrial strength.

We at IMI offer the Largest Selection of Portable Lasers anywhere on the Internet. Please take time to explore our Site.

Here is a Gallery of Pictures of Different Lasers in Action


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