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Laser Labs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a laser?
A laser is a device that projects a highly concentrated narrow beam of light which is amplified to great brightness using stimulated radiation. Lasers were invented in 1958 and since then, billions have been produced for many kinds of electronic products including all CD players.

Why Are Our lasers So different?                                                                                                    Our lasers are extremely powerful, no one else sells these lasers at this kind of power, you might be able to find a 15mw, but that's a far cry from Our 50mw Lasers, or 71mw, remember the standard for all lasers is 5mw, Now ours go Above and beyond that limit.

Can I buy These lasers Anywhere else?                                                                                        No These lasers are Custom Built, No one Else Carries these Extremely powerful lasers, Our lasers are one of a kind.

Can you really see the beam?                                                                                                     Yes Our Lasers Are So powerful that The beam Is Very visible in Any low light condition, No smoke or fog needed, the beam is Even visible in the daytime in any house.

What are our lasers suitable for? Our lasers are mainly used by astronomers, the beam Being so visible as it is, is very suitable for pointing out stars, But many laser Enthusiasts or Luke Skywalker Wannabes Love to have a Laser that has A Visible Beam.

Are your lasers legal?
Laws Very from country to country But most laws prohibit the sales of any laser over 5mW, Our lasers are For stellar indication | For Sky use only, But the law applies to our lasers As industrial lasers, Same used by night clubs and light shows, Buyer Takes Full Responsibility for any laws that apply for use of laser, Meaning don't shine it at anyone plane or house.

Are Your lasers dangerous?
Yes Our lasers are dangerous If shined In eye, they Will cause Permanent Eye damage that is irreversible, but if you take the Safety precautions and play it safe you will have no worries about the laser.

Are you the cheapest?
We Do sell our lasers at a Very low price, but since we have No competitors to match our power, we cannot say for certain, but We do sell at a low price.

Can I get my money back if I don't like it?
We offer no money back, Since we custom build all of our lasers, we cannot re sell the item, so we do not give refunds.

Do you offer a warranty?
We do have a 90 day Warranty that if the laser Gets broken we will fix it, But if its out of the 90 day warranty you will have to pay a small Parts charge fee, but we are the only Laser company that will fix your broken lasers.

Your consumer rights:
Shopping on the internet offers the same protection as mail order. Your consumer rights are also the same as in the high street and you are fully covered by the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Trade Descriptions Act 1976. In the unlikely event your goods fail to arrive or are damaged in any way, our unique guarantee gives you the choice of a full refund or an immediate replacement at no cost to you. We  guarantee a quick response by e-mail (the fastest response) from our customer services team who are always glad to help with your enquiry or track your order by hand.

Please Allow At least 16 days for item to be shipped.