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Technical Support Area 

This is where we give our customers a chance to tell us what they think about our web site. Is there anything you would like to see us offer? Do you have any questions or comments? Our business depends on your satisfaction, so please let us know what you think.
Multiple Orders
If you require more then 5 or more items, it is best to contact us as we can offer a better price. We offer two Payment Options - Paypal and Wire Transfer. Paypal uses Secure Encryption so you never have to worry. For large orders a Wire transfer is recomended.
We also offer discount on 5 or more of the Same items. Our discount will be given when ordering 5 or more of the same or different products. As this option is not set up you will have to contact us and we will send you Paypal e-mail payment notice. For Multiple order of 20 or more Further Discounts can apply.
Terms And Conditions
All ISO9001 Equipment is Gauranteed for One year from the Date of purchase. All RTS Booster Equipment (for Senao LRCT's) and Baotong phones come with a 30 day Warranty. Exchange or refund* can only be given only when Item is Defective. If item is defective it can be returned with a RMA Number. Items defective will be Exchanged. Defective item will be repaired or replaced by a brand new unit. All sales are final. No Refunds.
**Not Approved for USA use. We have authority to sell LRCT equipment. LRCT Equipment is sold for Export only. It is your personal responsibility to ensure items you purchased are approved for use in your country. If your delivery is to the USA then it is with the understanding that your purchase is for export and export Only!!
For Sale Related Questions e-mail us at
For Technical Questions e-mail us at

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**All Specs Based on 100Ft (30Meter) Tower.

RTS - RADIO TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS is owned and Run by J.W.H. Enterprises.