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G-3 Power Booster Antenna Amplifier


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Retail Price: $1150.00 
Our Price: $895.00

Communication Range Extended to 70Km when Used with a
GR-300M2 or GR-300M3.

Compatible with SENAO SN-258, SN-358 phones
Extending communication range by 200-600%
Compensating the losses in <100m cable (TX/RX)
Customized configuration

 Output Power, W 25(+/-10%), 
 Frequency Band, MHz 263/390
 Bandwidth, MHz (-3 dB)
   - RX 20
   - TX 20
 Gain, dB
   - RX 24
   - TX 23
 Noise figure, dB <2
 Output Impedance, Ohm 50
 AC, V 220
 Power consumption, W 100
 Dimensions, mm 60x225

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