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Radio Telecommunication Systems


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Nanfone LRCT's

Nanfone LRCT Products


Cordless Phones For Wireless Long-Range Communication(RT-558)
Model Number: RT-558
1. High power wireless communication equipment
2. Huge increase stability operation (PLL Frequency)
3. Main Base Support 10 Hansets/remote Bases. 
4. The extra handset programmable
5. Walkie-talkie between handsets and transferring.


UHF Long Range Cordless Phone (RT-359)
Model Number: RT-359(358plus)
Blue LCD
Handset and base unit with pholyphonic ringer (12 melody)
1.Multi-handset system (Up to 10), transfer call between handsets and base unit
2.Walkie-talkie between handsets
3.Base speaker phone with dial keypad.


Model Number: RT-90
Description:  Key Specifications/Special Features:
1. CPU control with 100,000 digital security codes to protect against illegal access.
2. 4-level volume control.
3. FSK/DTMF dual system with auto-detection .


1. High power wireless communication equipment
2. PLL frequency system 
3. frequency changeable 
4. Multi-handset system (Up to 10, extra handset optional)
5. Walkie-Talkie between handsets
6. Communication Range: 15 - 30Km


1.Has the appearance of a 8210 
2.CPU control with 100,000 digital security codes to protect against 
llegal access 
3.FSK/DTMF dual system with auto-detection 
4.LCD screen displays the dial number, conversation time and clock with 
alarm function
5.LCD screen display with EL illumination for night-time use 
6.Communication Range: 15 - 30Km