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Radio Telecommunication Systems

NanFone RT-359
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NanFone RT-359


Our Price: $339.95 / Special Limited time Price: $239.95USD*

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Product Name: UHF Long Range Cordless Phone (RT-359)
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: RT-359(358plus)
Payment Terms: Paypal

1.Multi-handset system (Up to 10), transfer call between handsets and base unit
2.Walkie-talkie between handsets
3.Base speaker phone with dial keypad
4.Two-way paging and hands free intercom
5.Frequency program by the keypad
6.The volume adjustable
7.Base with whist-sound and redial function
8.Base with select call function
9.MCU control, 100,000 set security codes
10.FSK/DTMF auto caller ID
11.Handset with 6 rings for chooses the base with 4
12.Super power-saving
13.Lock long distance call and keypad
14.Frequency 260/390MHz
15.Connected with booster for super long range
16.Multi-channels for choose

Technical Specification:
  Item   Handset   Base unit
  Resistance of antenna   50   50
  Spurious Radiation   60dB   60dB
  Power   1W 1dB   3.5W 1dB
  Maximum Deviation   5KHz   5KHz
  TX Current   500mA   800mA
  Supply voltage   4.8V   220V
  Frequency   260-266MHz   390-396MHz
  Sensitivity (for 12db SINDA)   0.2uV   0.2uV
  Current standby   30mA   80mA
  Anti-Interference   60dB   60dB

* Customer will receive a $100.00USD Credit back off of Original Price when ordering this LRCT. Credit charge back may take 2-3days.