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Radio Telecommunication Systems

Nanfone RT-8210
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Nanfone RT-8210


Price: $329.95

Product Name: Long-Range Cordless Phone w/Function-Displaying LCD (RT-8210)
Place of Origin: China
Model Number:RT-8210
Payment Terms: Paypal

Has the appearance of a 8210 
CPU control with 100,000 digital security codes to protect against 
illegal access 
FSK/DTMF dual system with auto-detection 
LCD screen displays the dial number, conversation time and clock with 
alarm function
LCD screen display with EL illumination for night-time use 
Adjustable volume on the handset 
10 groups of received numbers and 25 groups of missed numbers
10 groups of numbers to store and redial 
Tone/Pulse switchable 
Low-battery alert and indicator 
Power-saving function 
Digital lock for long distance call restriction 
Press Any Key to answer for the portable handset 
Keypad lock
6 ringer sound selection with auto-search 
With car charger and earpiece
Communication range: 15-30km (under ideal conditions)

Payment Term: T/T or L/C

Technical Specification:
Item Main-base Handset
Resistance of antenna 50 50
Spurious Radiation 60dB 60dB
RF Power Output 0.8W 1dB 2W 1dB
Maximum Deviation 5KHz 5KHz
TX current 400mA 800mA
Supply voltage 3.6V 220V
Frequency Range 226-231MHz 146-151MHz
Frequency Range 146-151MHz 226-231MHz
Sensitivity (for 12db SINDA) 0.2uV 0.2uV
Current standby 20mA 100mA
Anti-Interference 60dB 60dB