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Radio Telecommunication Systems

DGR-358 Portable Amplifier
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DGR-358 Portable Amplifier
Used with the portable handset of cordless phone model SN-358.
Extends the communication range in 1.5 - 2 times.
Output Power
      -powered from the amplifier battery  -----  3W
      -powered from the car power outlet  -----  7W
      -powered from the AC outlet  ------------  7W
Frequency Band  ----------------------------   268/394Mhz
Bandwidth  (-3dB)
      -RX  -------------------------------------  20Mhz
      -TX  -------------------------------------  20Mhz
      -RX  ------------------------------------- -1.8dB
      -TX  -------------------------------------   24dB
Output Impedance  ---------------------------  50Ohm
DC  ------------------------------------------   13.8V
Dimensions  ----------------------------------    148*65*52 mm
Weight  --------------------------------------     360 grams

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